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Friday, January 7, 2011

The Coltenator!

Hi!! My name is Colten Miles Emmett Sorenson! I was born July 17th 2010. I Was only 6 pounds 13oz and 20 inches long. Now today at 5 months I come in at 15 pounds and 27 inches!! I am long and lean just like my sister! I am nothing like my sister though, Mom says Mady was more indipendant than I am. I just really enjoy the comforts of my mom and dads arms! I do give them a hard time.. I know I really have no reason to fuss as much as I do, but it keeps them on top of thier game. I do it out of love. You see they are older with me then they were with my sister, I need to make sure I keep them young. I am a thrill seeker, I love to fly. My daddy takes me up for flights all the time, I never see him do this for Mady.. I think she's scared of heights, or maybe she doenst have her lisence to fly.. I also love the water. I can sit in the bath all day, My mom puts bubbles in the tub, I try to tell her im a man and real men dont need bubbles.. So I only play with them to make her happy :) I am pretty good at plaming my bottle, that will come in handy when Im in the MBA. I was born with a birth defect and will be getting major surgery in just a few months, Im not scared. I keep telling my mom and dad not to worry, I wont even remember it. They still worry. I got to admit, I have this favorite bear and everytime my mom shakes it in my face I cant help but smile this cheesey gummy smile, my dimple wins the ladies over.. Its really a win win. I get the eat the bear and flirt at the same time. My favorite foods are sweet potatoe, carrots, anything with apples in it... Thats about it. A couple times my mom tried feeding me this thing she called Avocado, no way Jose!!! I wasnt haven it. Im pretty picky, but you would be too if someone was putting mush in your face. Im just waiting to get to the good stuff. Like steak and baked potatoes! Or tacos! Well gotta go, I guess it's tummy time!
                                                                                                       The Coltenator!

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