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Friday, January 14, 2011

Here one minute gone the next.

This blog has so much emotion behind it.
A friend of mine is hurting so badly and it breaks my heart. She was given the news Wednesday night that her Fiancee was killed in a car accident. She has 2 kids with him and pregnant with their 3rd. My heart hurts for her and their kids. I cannot even imagine the pain she must feel. Her hubby to be was a deputy, he worked at the prison. He was off duty when the accident happened. He was on his motorcycle when a car whipped out in front of him and he T-boned the car. The accident was only a few blocks from my house. Me and Mady were in the kitchen when we heard the accident and I remember saying " wow I wonder what happened" Little did I know it was who it was. I have not gone by the scene, I actually been avoiding it. I take other routes to get where I need to go. From what I hear.. The skid marks are still fresh and motorcycle pieces still cover the road. My friend has gone there, she brought him flowers and layed them where he died at. Then she collapsed. She is 3 months pregnant and her other 2 children are under 5. She told their son that daddy rode his motorcycle to heaven.  They are too young to grasp such a permanent thing. The Lee county Sheriff department will pay for his funeral and pay his fiancee for a year his regular salary. It's really a generous gesture, So many people have come together to help her out. It's so unreal for her. She believes he will still walk through their front door.
I wish that was so. On Tuesday he left her a beautiful voicemail. He told her that he loves her and that she is beautiful and he loves their life together, how perfect things are. I am glad she has that to listen too.
This really puts everything in perspective. One day everything can be gone. There is no guarantee for tomorrow.
I love my life, I love my husband and our children and everyone else in my life. I couldn't imagine not having them in my life, My friends situation has opened my eyes. I need to love the ones in my life and not hold on to stupid stuff. Never go to bed mad and always cherish the moments we do get with each other.
I'm sure if we were to ask those who lost someone so close to them, they would all say they wish they could have hugged them one last time. So tonight go hug those who are dear to you, let that someone know how much they mean to you. Cause you can be here one minute and gone the next.

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