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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The necklace never lies.

Has anyone ever grew up with someone in their life who was into folklore? I have.
From sageing the house to rid of negative energy, sweeping, not to clean but to again, rid the house of negative energy. Tying red ribbon on the bed for protection. Sea Salt to rid the house of paranormal intruders, Money cakes, friendship cakes, rabbit foots, dream pillows and candles, lots of candles for different needs. I was taught some rituals here and there. Never mess with any ones free will ( that is a whole other blog in its self!) One thing that sticks out the most is necklace work ( pendulum )  At a young age I was told I would have a girl then a boy. It never really meant anything to me, but as I got older all these lessons were coming back into play. Old traditions, superstitions, colors and their meanings. Little signs here and there. Well just for fun I would pull out the necklace to see if my fate had changed. Never once did. Always the same result. One girl then one boy.
I started doing this reading for friends and people who already had kids, just to see if it was accurate. When I was in hair school my whole class had me do their readings. One girl in particular sticks out. The necklace predicted, boy, girl, boy, girl, girl. I wasn't so sure this reading was right. Only to find out that's exactly how many kids she had in that precise order!!! She was impressed, I was impressed. Once I had my children, I had realized how right the pendulum was! So now whenever a Friend is pregnant my first reaction is to go to the necklace!!
Here's how to do it.  Take a necklace or a pendulum that is special to you, filled with your energy. Hold the necklace by the clasp that way the pendent or pendulum is able to swing. Tap it in the palm of the other hand 3 times then close your hand over the necklace and send your energy through it. Lightly lift the necklace and let it do its thing. If it swings in a circle, its a girl. Line its a boy. Make sure to give it enough time. It may do a circle for a while then stop and pick back up with another circle or a line. You will know when its done. It will not swing anymore! Have fun with it, let me know what your results are!!!

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