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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Random Useless facts.

1. There are one trillion atoms in a grain of salt.2. It takes a shark about a week to grow a new set of teeth.3. There really is an insect called the love bug. It spends 56 hours~more than 1/2 its life mating.4. F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote nine books in 1939. He was paid a total of $33 for them.5. The "first electronic computer" was built in 1889 for the U.S. Census Bureau.6. Q: Which country drinks more Coke than any other nation on earth? A: Mexico.7. Crocodiles kill more people in the jungle than any other animal.8. Nearly 75% of all U.S. Congress staff members suffer from heartburn.9. Americans buy more candy at Easter than they do at Halloween.10. The world's rarest matchbook, issued after Charles Lindbergh's Atlantic flight, is worth $4,000.

How smart do you feel now!!!

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