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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thinking about dead birds...

Well most of you know already, but it was all over the news about a large amount of birds that had mysteriously fallen out of the sky and died. They said over 5000. It made me wonder a few things.. First, have I ever seen 5000 birds flocking together at one time?? I know I have seen probably hundreds but 5000 seems like an overwhelming amount of poop bombers flying above someones head, I think I would have remembered that. Then I tried to imagine what that would look like. Would there by any sky left or would all I see is a flock of black.?
Some people say that this is a sign that the end is near. 2012. The real to be "y2k". Or this indicates Christ is coming.. Which baffles me cause being a girl who grew up in a baptist private school, I remember clearly the bible saying No one knows when the second coming is, he will come like a thief in the night... killing a bunch of birds isn't very discreet. A little dramatic if you ask me.

You can really have fun with this topic.. Such as maybe it was my husband, he is terrified of birds ( in all honesty) So offing 5000 birds wouldn't be to far fetched.. Ok, maybe it is kinda far fetched but its a thought!
Or I'm sure it's either George Bush or Obama's fault... Maybe they even teamed up. Conspiracy theory?? Whats another Ive read.. Oh yeah! UFOs.. That's got to be it, duh!! Ok dead bird mystery solved!
I'm sure weather,aircraft, pollution and fireworks could not be the answer, not even a option.. People are extreme and would rather want something elaborate. I researched the area and there is a power plant near where all these birds were found dead... Wonder if that has been ruled out.
However these birds died and we may never know why, especially if it was covered up, but is it wrong for me to get the song "Down came a black bird" stuck in my head every time I think of this topic???

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